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More for less – Daihatsu Wreckers Fawkner

If you are having a grounded car which can no longer be beneficial to you, then dont just leave it like it is for rust. Give it to us and get a good amount of cash. At Daihatsu Wreckers Fawkner, we pay our clients according to the parts and components which are useful for us. No! We are not the scrap guys which is one reason why our rates are better than scrap. Nothing matters to us other than the fact that the car must belong to Daihatsu brand.

Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne

Why should you choose Daihatsu Wreckers Fawkner?

Being car wreckers, we pay cars for cash. The difference is that we are very clear with our dealing and the process through which we take your car. Customer convenience matters to us the most which is why you should choose Daihatsu Wreckers Fawkner. Now you just have to call the Daihatsu Wreckers and you’ll be guided through the complete process. We are interested in parts and not direct crushing, therefore, we offer a price better than scrap.

Cash for cars

Are you also facing the tough financial problems of this era? Well, one of the best solutions towards this is to give your grounded Daihatsu to a company like us. If you leave it to rust, you are losing the amount of cash you can get. Sell it to us and get a good amount instantly. All problems solved!

Qualifying Daihatsu Vehicles

It does not matter to us what is the condition of the car or how many miles it has run. We are interested in all Daihatsu vehicles which are grounded since our main concern is in wrecked cars. Another good news for you is that even if you have not completely grounded your car but it is creating problems for you and it has nearly died out, so instead of selling it at cheap prices you can go for the option of a wrecker company like Daihatsu. We accept grounded and other old cars which you don’t like to ride on anymore.

Why we want your Daihatsu?

Your Daihatsu has been grounded but it still has those original car parts which can be useful for other cars. For example, a pump is available at the fairly high price if you purchase it brand new but the one extracted out of your car is sold at a low price. In this way, we earn our profits! Since the new parts are much more expensive compared to old parts, we are able to manage a good selling and buying. This is one reason we give higher returns to our customers. Once all parts are taken out of the car, it is crushed and sold for scrap. Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne provides best possible services for all models of Daihatsu & also sell used auto parts Melbourne Wide

Scrap Car Removal Fawkner

Car removal made easy

Here is another surprise, Daihatsu Wreckers doesn’t care if the car is of 90’s model or it has been driven over 10,000 miles, unlike many other wrecker companies. We make car removal a very easy process. Follow the three steps below.

Call us

Ring us at any time you are free during the regular working days and hours of the week. You will be answered by one of our consultants from whom you can talk about any query which you may have in your mind. You can also request our officer to inspect the car and provide you with a free quote. Our team would be there to assist you in this regards.

Get an appointment

Make an appointment at any time you are free. Sell your car to us by coordinating a pickup time with our pickup team as per your convenience. We completely understand that our clients can be busy which is why we can pick the car at any odd hours as well. Also, we can provide same-day pickup service too. Your ease is our profit. Just take out the belongings and you are all ready.

Get instant cash

Once our team comes to your spot, we will pay you cash first and then take the car with us. At this step, you don’t need to worry about anything other than signing a few documents which will state that you are transferring the ownership of the car so you cannot be held responsible for it later on. Upon signing the documents and providing us with the keys, you get paid right away with no bank or delayed payments involved. Getting cash has never been easier. The opportunity is right there.

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